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These changes include: Changes in mental capacity also occur as a person ages.

Older people may not think as quickly and clearly as they once did. Much of the research on cognitive functioning (how people think and how quickly they do it) has been done in laboratory settings.

Because older workers tend to have more severe injuries when they do happen, it's important to make adjustments to work stations or work patterns to make them as safe as possible.

It's also important to make sure a person is suited for a particular task and is safely able to do it.

The large number of 'baby boomers' born after World War Two are now aging.

The 'baby boom' population has an impact on both the age distribution in the workforce and the size of the retired population.

As a result, there is information available on how individuals score on specific tests or tasks.

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Since learning is based on previous experience, training may need to be more "practically" based.

Many studies are looking at the effects older workers have on the workforce. Workstations and job tasks that are matched to the needs of the individual employee are always best.