Vista sidebar news feed not updating

17-Jul-2017 21:37

To fix this problem, one need to simply set the UAC back to default level or at-least level 1.

You will then be able to install Windows 7 Gadgets on your desktop sidebar.

My Windows 7 is updated properly as per Windows Update. I use this gadget a lot and would like to fix whatever is wrong.

It's not like the gadget to stop updating this long. But I did examine this file, and I'm pretty sure there's no data listed in it for the feeds gadget.

You can easily fix it by running their automated solution to resolve the windows gadgets not working issue. Does the above help in fixing the problem of Windows 7 Gadgets and sidebar not working properly?

Muir Adding RSS feeds to your Windows Vista Sidebar lets you access current information from the Web sites you check most often.

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I try to open the file there with Open Office Calc (their spreadsheet program) but the file won't open. Microsoft Live Gallery seems to have discontinued all support for sidebar gadgets, meaning I can't go there anymore.If anyone is familiar with this gadget and knows what I need to add into the file, please post here.