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“You know, divide and conquer.” His conversation was revealed in a transcript filed in the criminal case.The SNM gang has roots dating back to the 1980 deadly riot at the state Penitentiary in Santa Fe. Release from prison didn’t necessarily end a gang member’s affiliation, Acee’s recent affidavit stated.“When SNM Gang members or associates completed their sentences and rejoined their communities, they were expected to remain loyal to the SNM Gang and work to further the goals of the …

The affidavit relates to the arrest of Lupe Urquizo, aka “Marijuano,” who is accused of assaulting inmates, correctional officers, committing arson, and acting as a messenger within the prison system to help communicate planned hits on other inmates. Over the past two years, about 114 suspected members and associates of the gang have been arrested.gang outside the prison environment,” he wrote.“Those who failed to show continued loyalty to the gang were disciplined in various ways, to include murder and assault.One of the significant goals of the gang was to control and profit from narcotics trafficking,” Acee’s affidavit added.But at least one defense attorney has claimed that some people have been threatened by law enforcement agents with “inclusion” in the racketeering prosecution if they didn’t agree to cooperate and give statements.“There is a great risk that these coercive police tactics will produce involuntary statements,” stated a motion filed in February by attorney Amy Sirignano, who represents defendant Christopher Garcia.

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Garcia, in April, lamented that FBI agents came to his jail cell in Santa Fe to obtain a court-approved DNA sample.“You make it look like people are talking to you,” Garcia told the agents.

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