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The word carne may also be translated as flesh, producing "a farewell to the flesh", a phrase embraced by certain carnival celebrants to embolden the festival's carefree spirit.

It seems like flying cockroaches want to dive bomb your face. Find out what's going on in this How Stuff Works video.

Austria - a country where it is estimated that 1.8 million commuters would be affected by Germany's autobahn tolls - is now taking legal action against its larger neighbour.

Whereas residents in Germany will have to pay a yearly toll through their bank accounts, unlike foreign drivers German-registered drivers will essentially be refunded thanks to a matching reduction on their motor vehicle tax bill.

Leichtfried had repeatedly emphasized that in the end, only foreigners would have to pay these tolls and that this was not compatible with the basic values of the EU.

In March Green party politician Winfried Kretschmann told the German Bundesrat that the toll was “not a good sign for Europe”, calling it a “foreigner toll” that would inflict “great political damage.” The Bundestag (German parliament) had already passed a law in 2015 to establish the toll.

Alternative names are used for regional and local celebrations.

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The local people of nearby areas, notably Retired Additional Superintendent of Police M. Finally their almost two decade long efforts resulted in when Government of Andhra Pradesh declaring entire area to be protected zone.… continue reading »

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