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19-Sep-2017 07:36

I'm home for a few weeks before heading out on another tour with Legacy of Disorder in NZ.

I will play in OKC with Arms of the Sun and in Denton with Shaolin Death Squad.

: In NZ rehearsing with Legacy of Disorder as we prepare to tour North America in support of upcoming album "Last Man Standing." Warm-up show is on at The New Hub.

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Now, I get that many people ARE willing to admit that being a Stay At Home mom IS a job, but now that we’ve made sure to establish that, I want to address the latest conversation I saw on Facebook on the “worth of a stay at home mom.” Someone chose to go off on one of those videos that gives a run down on what SAHMs do, what each of those jobs would cost, and then gives a grand total of what a SAHM would be paid in a perfect world. To my knowledge, this video NEVER said that 1 job is harder or more important than the other. All that video was doing was giving stay at home moms, like myself, that sometimes get depressed, think their job isn’t important or that they’re failures or that they aren’t contributing to society -or their families- at all, and they’re saying,”See?But I recently saw a comment regarding this topic on Facebook, so I guess it is, so here we go.

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