Safe christian dating sites

25-Nov-2017 02:32

4-Check out your match through Spokeo or Been Verified for sex offender history, criminal history, marital status, etc.

5-Slow down the rate of self-disclosure online to the same rate or slower as getting to know someone offline.

4-We are the only Christian site providing two weeks free for members with complete profiles.

5-We are the only site developed by a Christian Psychologist.

Cupids Wand's main goal is to offer you the very best in online relationship services. felony or sexual offense conviction recorded in database is prevented from communicating with other members.

One unique aspect of Cupids Wand is their background check of its members. While this doesn't catch everyone, it does create a safer dating environment for every Cupids Wand member.

Online dating always involves a certain level of risk.

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Everyone can post date ideas and other users can show their approval for the data, thus, it really makes it easy to find like-minded people to do something interesting.

While we do all we can to minimize your risk with online dating, it is important that you do your part as well just in case a bad apple slips through. 1-Never include any personal identifying information in your profile and check out onguardonline.

2-Create a separate email account for online dating to protect the identity of your personal one.

The email you registered with Christian Crush is not visible to anyone.

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3-Check out your match’s social media profiles to discern their authenticity.6-We are the only Christian dating site using video profiles.