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Additional Genealogy Equipment Many genealogy enthusiasts need additional equipment for building their family trees.For example, digital audio recorders, such as those we reviewed here, allow you to record your living relatives sharing stories and information about their lives and their family members, which you can then enter into a family search site or pedigree chart. While there are billions of resources online, sometimes you may have the only physical record available, such as a pedigree chart in an old family Bible or an early christening record.The Archives site provided us with a variety of surname spellings, which helped us discover when census records were spelled wrong, or instances where the parents’ surname was spelled one way in their native country and the children’s were spelled differently when they were born in the United States.Using this new information, we were able to plug more information into larger search sites, such as Findmypast, that pull from even more resources.

Searching Records We used our own family names to find information, starting with verifying the information we already knew to see if the transcriptions of certain records were correct, and then using that information to find more connections.The majority of the family search sites we used pulled from the same sources. It acted more like a search engine with a family search filter.The results of the search were links to other family tree sites in our review and links to more questionable sites, such as ones that are primarily for searching living individuals or conducting background checks.This makes it easy to find information and immediately populate your pedigree chart with it.

Creating GEDCOM files is necessary if you decide to forgo the online family tree and import the information to a genealogy program on your desktop.We were able to locate the same census records using most of the genealogy sites.