My neighbours are intimidating me

01-Dec-2017 11:25

Some of my neighbors unable to hold it came to meet me to dispose of all my contaminated foodstuffs, because they heard that lassa fever was contagious and were scared of contacting it.I told them non of my stuff was contaminated but they did not believe me, till I ushered them into my kitchen and showed them my foodstuffs neatly arranged and unsoiled, with my cabinet still full to the brim with food materials.We may have realized that doors play a huge part in our everyday lives.Ever wondered why there are so many philosophical sayings which include “Doors”, now is your time to reflect on the role doors play in your life and the disadvantage of having bad doors!

Locking the kitchen door firmly, thank God we changed it to Emilinks, I turned to my wife and asked her to write down how to cook the stew.Its amazing watching them grow from day one to weeks, weeks to Months and Months to years.