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Local tend to use community-, neighborhood- and town- based brotherl and sex workers. Some are girls from rural areas who were fooled by illegal recruiters …

In Angeles City, near Clark Air base, there is one street with bars for foreigners on one side, and bars for locals on the other. One Filipinos social worker in Cebu told the Japan Times, “There are two type of pimps. We are victims of different circumstances, but we all fell into prostitution,” she said. Granali, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 26, 2011 /*\] The police arguably do more to abet prostitution than stop it.

There are basically three kinds of prostitutes in the Philippines: 1) those that work out of “casas,” or brothels, and are employed by pimps or brothel owners: 2) those who work in bars, karaokes and hotels, who are usually controlled by the owners of the establishment where they work; and 3) freelancers, who work the streets. Most of the men who use prostitutes in the Philippines are locals not foreigners.

You would not get this impression by visiting one of the better known red light districts.

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He strides over quickly, waving a little white flier in our faces.

Even though it is widely practiced, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines.

During the event, Pacquiao received the Honorary Special Forces Warrior Badge, and wore the exclusive Special Forces uniform popularly known as the "Tiger suit."Pacquiao waves as he joins hundreds of other runners in Manila on October 10, 2010, to raise funds and environmental awareness to help revive the Pasig River, a heavily polluted major waterway that cuts through the city of 12 million. My photographer and I race through our San Miguel Lights and leave. He leads us through a labyrinth of roads and alleys. When the bill arrives, we'll find out it cost us . They had children at home they have to feed and they hadn't been able to find any other work.

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