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For instance, in the Swcdish-English section help is given in choosing the right translation by the clear division of the different senses* using Swedish sense indicators* If one wants to know how the noun resa is to be translated into English, the following infor- mation is given: 1.

resa I jtifrji Spec, III] lands journey* till sjdss voyage* ovcrresa crossing; vard,* om alia slags resor trip; med bil trip; fried flyg flight In the English-Swedish section this method is evidently unsuitable, since the user here is primarily trying to understand English texts or speech and not primarily translating.

— to anpassa sig till adjustable [a'dpstabl] ad; in st allbar, justerbar adjustment [a’dpstm^nt] tubti inclining, justcring ad-lib L&d lib) (-bb-) vrnfrvard.

grammar* pronunciation, false friends) and cultur- al matters and institutions* both British and American.

Instead illustrative examples are given which immediately relate to the English context.

Those seeking a reliable companion and up-to date guide to English will welcome this dictionary: schoolchildren* students* those in adult edu- cation and anyone who is interested in English and comes into contact with the language at work* touring abroad* or for example* watching Eng- lish or American satellite television.

We should especially like to thank Mona Wiman for the painstaking and kind assistance she gave us and Anders Odeldahl for providing the in- formation material and valuable suggestions for improvement.

Welcome to this third improved version of a dictionary, which we hope will be a pleasure to use. Tune 1 QQ R Ordbokstecken Krok - Krok betecknar hela uppslagsordet.NORSTEDTS L I L L A ENGELSKA ENGELSK-SVENSK/SVENSK-ENGELSK O R D B O K . | 70.000 ORD OCH FRASER Norstedts IN la engelska ordbok ENGELS K-SVENSK SVENSK-ENGELSK Vincent Petti Kerstin Petti NORSTEDTS ORDBOK Ordbokcn inneh Aller ert amal ord som har sin ursprung i varumarkcrir Dctra f^r into fekolkas s5„ att ordens forckomst har och sattet art forklara dem skulle andra varumarkcnas karaktar av skyddade kannctecken dlcr kunna anforas som giltigr skiil an berbva innchavama deras skyddade cnsamratt till de ifir Sgavarande beteckningama, Lilia engcl&ka ordbokcn Foma upplagan (Esselic Studmm 1987) Norsiedts Itlla engelska ordbok Andra upplagan (Nomedts Forlag AB 1993) Nomedts lilla engelska ordbok Tredje upplagan (Nomedts Ordbok AB 1998) Redaktton Mona Wiman, projektledare Anders Odcldahl p redakioroch forfattare till faktauppgificma Matin Borgscrbm, Kamilla Kvamtorp, Cecilia Manncrfck, Peter Mel lander, Helena Meths, inkodning Dataprogram Compulexis Ltd., Oxford (Henning Madsen) Typogtafi Ingmar Rudman Otttsiag Lars E, Pcnersson Tredje upplagan, fbrsta tryckningen ISBN 9 1 “7227-009-8 t 1998, Vincent Petti, Kersrin Peni och Nomedts Ordbok AB Tryck och bmdmng Ai T Norbok a.s^ Gjovik, Norg Cj 1998 191 Forord till tredje upplagan Denna valkanda och omtyckta engelsk-svenska/svensk-engelska ordbok ar i sin tredje upplagaj belt omarbetad med m&nga nya ord, fraser och be- tydelscr.