Federal government rules for dating employees

29-Nov-2017 20:09

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As personnel director, I'd signed on to do training, oversee benefits and administer labor contracts--not talk to staff members about potential violations of our new anti-fraternization policy.

"Jane and I put in 60-hour weeks, and we're on call the rest of the time. Where did you think either of us would meet somebody? " The hospital doesn't pay me enough to do this, I thought.

Romance is about attraction, about wanted advances.

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Ultimately she sued the Board of Police Commissioners.While she initially had accused a co-worker of sexual harassment, the retaliation was instituted by a superior officer and she won her case on a higher-liability standard.

I certainly agree with the inerrancy of Scripture, but that's not what I'm talking about here.… continue reading »

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Stumbling into it Prakash discovered this Facebook feature after he noticed that his smartphone Facebook app suggested adding friends from his phone's contact list, based on his contacts' mobile-phone numbers.… continue reading »

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