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“It’s a little tiny yellow house, but it fits me to a T.” For Everett, a mother of two, the house-buying process took a lot longer and was far more complicated.At a time when lenders are extra cautious, qualifying for a mortgage on a house with enough space for her sons wasn’t going to be easy.Instead, it was decided that the local Roman-Dutch law would remain in force.However, English procedural law was adopted and this had a tendency to influence substantive provisions.She lost them all until late April, six months after she began looking, when she made an offer on a brand-new three-bedroom house in north Minneapolis that was on the market for 0,000.After an inspection in May, the deal closed in June.This is civilian law - Roman law as interpreted by the Dutch writers of the 17 centuries.

In 1806, English forces defeated the Dutch settlers and took the Cape of Good Hope as a British possession.

The formal legal system is dominated by this European heritage.