Dating things say

07-Dec-2017 20:23

Your favorite green bracelet is your favorite green bracelet because you love it and it means something to you.

Even if you mean it as a compliment, it doesn’t mean it will be taken that way.

Funniest my x said after i totally made some rubbish up wich went like this(me) These bumps when approaching roundabouts are a good idea but cant do youre balancing much good(x gfriend) why what are the bumps for(me) so blind people know to slow down coz there coming to a roundabout(x Gfriend) wow they think of everything dont theyi think kids tend to say the funniest things when my son was 2 we were out shopping and he needed the loo so i took him and decided to go myself and he proceded to say in a not so quiet voice mummy is that your muchtashe under your bum and unfortunatley the loos were full needles to say i came out of the cubicle with a very red face "I'll put it in wherever you want, it just depends where you want it to come out" - This was re accounts and I meant that I can set the income to whatever nominal you want it just depends where you want it to appear in you monthly reports but at the time I didn't have the energy to think of the peoper of my friends said about a famous celebrity who he found very irritating "she needs a good fisting" meaning he wanted to punch her.