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19-Aug-2017 23:20

one might argue that she's stubborn as well, she doesn't want to listen to explanations, etc.considering what i realized, that's her hurt self talking. well, give the writers time, they'll come around lol... Why Park Si Hoo wasn't nominated for the best actor? Why on earth can’t the rich guy use al his money he earned to live on his own?He is 33 and has been in the work force for years and all their idea for him to work there.but at the same time he’s keeping it casual by understanding why she doesn’t want him to bring her home... ah maybe next year 2018 he'll be nominated already. it's not that she's selfish or childish by acting up or having a tantrum.On the flip side, i love it also that the writers kept ji soo sane this time hahaha... i just wish they’ll keep her sane even after she put things together about them 3... I'm also disappointed the fact that Shi Hoo is so good and amazing actor and you can really feel his acting. by her facial expressions i saw deep hurt and disappoint from her 2 families.Do-Kyung's quitting the company is now the latest development, and yet another brilliant idea from the writer.This will bring in a lot of fresh air, as we were starting to suffocate a little bit with Ji-An always staying shut inside her shell. It’s no wonder she didn’t care about his family and what they did and what could happen to them since she really is self absorbed. Because it’s a very long 2weeks, i watched some of my fave scenes, and if i may say so, i find hyuk so cute with jisoo. She is not a teenage, she has to recognize the situation surrounding and push herself to be worthy. This one is a sad and scary episode..Reality Bites!

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So-Ra and Ji-An's meeting was a masterpiece : one of the most brilliant scenes so far. Yes, she’s immature but she’s not without hope, she’s learning... So, writernims I’m hoping you give her very soon the proper treatment that she deserves coz after all it’s her life you “ruined” by writing her character to be lost and found lols, Sorry, just had to let it out...