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I could not understand at the time that the constant, un-surrendering force inside that kept pushing me onward and wouldn’t let me rest – was Jewish.

The drive to meet our spiritual needs is in all of us, but we don’t usually recognize where the deep and unfulfilled cravings are coming from.

We believed it when “they” told us that getting public recognition would bring fulfillment, and yet we never even saw one living example of it.

In these intervening years, through exploring authentic Judaism, I’ve had the chance to discover a fact of life that was never disclosed to me before. It’s still very hard for me to accept that thoroughly, however.

Right away you would probably classify me as one of those who had given up. I turned away from all the anger at “Bread and Roses” because it was on a dead-end street.

All I knew then was that it couldn’t be the way for us to get somewhere.

Once freed from the burden of wanting to be like a man, she is able to be a woman wholeheartedly.

The summer after my first year there, I took a trip to Israel.You never wanted others to judge you at face value. An understanding of the woman’s true role in Judaism can only be obtained by suspending your usual way of thinking for awhile.