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With her debut "indie" film, Miranda July served as writer/director and star of this year's winner of the Special Jury Prize for "Originality of Vision" at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as the Camera d'Or (Golden Camera) Best First Film prize winner at Cannes.

The film was rated R for "disturbing sexual content involving children" - even though it presented comic views of underage sexuality in a series of subplots.

The noirish, sultry, and grungy cityscapes were seedily portrayed in the film, including its strip clubs for lap dancing, floating brothels, gruesome cockfights, fixed boxing matches, violent and bloody fistfights, and sweaty, open-air bars.

At the time, he was reading the great Russian novelist's best-known work Crime and Punishment and The Cambridge Companion to Dostoevsky.Anyway, Grace decided to hang on to this opinion."As the grunting and thrusting continued, Grace's mouth appeared wide-open as the handkerchief was displaced from her face.